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     EuClinReg Ltd.
     European Clinical Research and Regulatory Affairs Consultancy Ltd.

     Who are we ?

     EuClinReg Ltd. is a network of experienced clinical research and regulatory affairs professionals. The company is
     established in the UK, and present in several Western European countries.

     What can EuClinReg do for you ?

          * We provide advice and services for small to medium Drug Development companies, based in the US, without
            a European presence but wishing to enter the European development scene.

          * Our services touch the interface between clinical and regulatory in innovative drug and medical device development,
            and clinical research.

          * We provide advice and services, as listed below, for clinical development projects of pharmaceutical products and medical devices, with a
            European coverage, in various therapeutic areas, mainly oncology, internal medicine (infectious diseases, diabetes, cardiology, respiratory
            diseases and immunology), and neurology.

          * We address any related regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance or drug safety issues related to clinical development.

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